Underwater Bride

What a wonderful experience shooting with this model. I can't wait to get her underwater again. She told me that she hadn't stuck her face underwater in over 15 years. She was amazing! #blog

Something a little different

I really had fun with this underwater shoot. I got together with some local photographers to share my gear, and my experience. I think got a few friends hooked! We should have fun as the summer goes on.  I've shot this model before while she was pregnant, it was great to see her again and re-shoot her in the same dress. This pool was incredible. Such a great location to shoot. #blog

First Underwater of the Season

Started shooting again underwater. This image was only adjusted in LR. I haven't taken it into photoshop for "magic" yet. Looking forward to spending time editing, but I wanted to share a preview.   #blog  

Underwater season is starting up for me

I'm getting together with a local friend to start shooting more underwater. We're inviting photographers from our local photo group to get together and try out underwater bags and housing to see if it is something they want to explore more. It should be fun to start to play with lights underwater. So far, I've just done natural light, and the sunken pool light. Waiting for the right time of day is key. Hopefully, I'll be able to capture some good images this summer without putting my ears underwater. 

Should be a fun summer. 


Torrey Pines Hike

Went for a walk today with a friend at the Torrey Pines State Park, here in San Diego. I've never been on the bluffs above. It was a blast. Looking forward to many more exciting days shooting up there! #blog

San Diego Fair

Just spent the morning re-editing photos for the San Diego Fair. This one I submitted in the category, "Game On".. No child was exposed to smoke in the making of this image… But, it was fun. Hopefully, the judges get my sense of humor. #blog

already squirming from kisses

Didn't know it started this early. #blog

A hug

Sometimes, when you're having a hard day, all you need is a hug. #blog